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Natural killer cells (NK cells) characterized by the following, except :
Cleavage of IgG by papain produces:
One of the following properties is true for plasmid :
Only one of the following cells have no chitin in their cell wall :
Cooked meat media is one of the following media :
Cooked meat media is one of the following media :
Transposable elements or complex transposons:
The counter stain that is used in Gram stain is named:
Cells bearing MHC class-1 proteins are targets for :
Cotton swap usually sterilize by :
Exotoxins show the following properties :
Which of the following binds to the 30S subunit of bacterial ribosomes ?
Biological mechanism that changes a B cell's production of antibodies from one type such as from IgM to IgG is called:

Regarding simple stain technique, all of the following are true , except :
Mainly used in the laboratories to sterile glassware, powder and oils:
In complement fixation test, sensitized RBCs means RBCs are coated with :

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