Quiz of Anatomy first semester

This is a quiz to test your ability in Anatomy first semester

we hope you do just fine have a nice test dear.

Welcome to your Anatomy st1

All are branches of brachial artery EXCEPT:
All the following muscle connect the scapula to humerus EXCEPT ONE:
Regarding the cubital fossa, all are FALSE EXCEPT ONE:
Median nerve supplies following muscles directly in forearm EXCEPT:
Following muscles are directly supplied by radial nerve, EXCEPT:
If surgical neck of humerus is fractured, the nerve most likely to be damaged is:
Regarding the second part of axillary artery, one statement is WRONG:
Regarding the axilla, all are true except:
The lymph from medial 1/2 of breast drains mainly into:
Following arteries share in anastomosis around the elbow joint, EXCEPT:

Regarding ulnar nerve all are true EXCEPT:
Regarding the triceps muscle in the arm, one statement is WRONG:
The median nerve supplies following muscles EXCEPT ONE:
Regarding interossei muscles of the hand, one of the statement is WRONG:

The median nerve supplies following muscles in the hand EXCEPT:
Following muscles from posterior wall of axilla EXCEPT:
Regarding the brachial plexus, one statement is wrong:
Regarding the ulnar nerve, following are true EXCEPT:
These are branches of posterior cord of brachial plexus, except:
The following are contents of the posterior fascial compartment of the forearm EXCEPT:

Leaderboard for Anatomy st1

1. Nada sm3o-18 Points
2. rayan burkan-15 Points
3. Retaj fares-13 Points
4. norepinephren-8 Points
5. ly-student-7 Points

عن أبي هريرة عبد الرحمن بن صخر رضي الله عنه ، قال : سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول : ما نهيتكم عنه فاجتنبوه ، وما أمرتكم به فأتوا منه ما استطعتم ، فإنما أهلك الذين من قبلكم كثرة مسائلهم واختلافهم على انبيائهم

المصدر – البخاري

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