What is pharmacodynamics

Mode of action of drug

Properties of action selectivity, affinity, structure activity relationship, chirality

Classification of receptor

Different between enzyme incorporated receptor & cytokine receptor

Types of intracellular second messenger

Types of drug response

What is potency, efficacy & it is related to drug action

Clinical important of IT

Causes increase responsiveness & causes reduce responsiveness ( tolerance)

Types of tolerance

Different between desensitization & hypersensitivity

Comparison between agonist & antagonist

Types of agonist

Types of antagonist

Factors modifying drug action

General Pharmacology

What is the pharmacology, PK ,PD

What is the different between  pharmacotherapeutics  & toxicology branch of pharmacology

When should be describe ( tablets, enema, drops or gels)

Comparison between routes of drug intake

The relationship between routes of drug intake  & health status of patient

Some drugs  have (  local  \  systemic  effects)  some are given  ( limited dose \  small amount)

What is bioavailability?

The relationship between routes & bioavailability of drugs

Absorption of drug

Comparison between active & passive transfer

The different between filtration & simple diffusion

The different between facilitated diffusion & active transport

Factors affect absorption of drug

Volume of Distribution & its related to plasma protein binding ( AGP, albumin, lipoprotein)

Factors affecting distribution of drug